Products & Services

  NUCOM provides a complete range of wholesale international carrier services and local and long distance to corporate customers. NUCOM has been delivering complex telecom systems integration projects to customers over 10 years. NUCOM provides enhanced support and services for our hosted soft switch customers through dedicated switch platform with immediate availability and scalability. We proudly offer customized solutions to our customers.

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  NUCOM has employed Least Cost Routing (LCR) enhanced by automatic quality control to maintain the best quality and cost. Monitoring platform with adaptive alarms with 24x7 live engineering support. State of art system for Tracking Trouble Tickets and network performance control.

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Retail SIP Customer

  NUCOM provides retail customers with quality Voice Over IP (VoIP) services. Customers can enjoy clear voice calls using their mobile phones and even iPad devices to anywhere in the world at best rates. Customers can sign up at the following links:

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About Us

  NUCOM was founded in 1998 in Northern Virginia. Providing Quality International Voice and Data Services such as local and long distance calls as well as other services over 10 years.

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  Job Title: Account Adminisrator

  Job Duties: Analyze financal informaition and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities of the company and customer accounts.

  Reqirement: MBA or equivalent and at least 6-12 months related experience.

Africa Project

  NUCOM has obtained many key Long term experienced International telecom partners worldwide. Sustained contracts with the telephone carriers whereby we become their VoIP network and broadband central office.
  NUCOM has established international and domestic customer and client as well as service agent base.

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